Bosnia, from Sarajevo to Montenegro

A gauche evidemment!

To the left, obviously!

Out of Sarajevo, we encountered our first roadsigns exlusively written in Cyrillic alphabet. We took a small road in the woods, which quickly converted into a dirt track. It’s only at the end of it that a woodsman told us “Anything there! Only woods! Mines! War!” : ooops getting lost here is not a safe thing …

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Bosnia and Herzegovia: Deep into the Balkans

Ask for water, get invited for coffee, then tea, get force-fed at the family meal, and end up with a handful of lighters as gifts. Everything without understanding a word from the grandmother, while trying to communicate with the daughter with google-translate support !

Welcome to the heart of Balkans, in Bosnia and Herzegovina !

Nos kidnappeurs ;-)

Our kidnappers 😉

The beginning …

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[PIC] Bosnia and Herzegovina

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