[PIC] China

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From scorched to frozen bones: Taklamakan desert and Tian Shan mountains

After a quiet week in Xining, we set up for our last leg of China, heading West.


The Taklamakan desert quickly showed its windy and scorched face. Headwinds, obviously.

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Cycling Tibet, from Litang to Xining

After two days weaving through superb gorges, we were back on the open-air Tibetan plateau.. The air was so dry that it got difficult to estimate the distances, making straight roads seemingly endless !

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Crossing the tibetan plateau: from Shangri-La to Litang

The Tibet province (where is located Lhassa), as delimited by the People’s Republic of China in 1965, is forbidden for independent travellers. The Tibetan plateau, however, is larger and covers parts of Sichuan, Qingai and Gansu provinces. We crossed Tibet through those provinces, passing by Shangri-La, Litang, Ganzi, Yushu et Xining, for a total distance of 2000 km

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China, starting with Yunnan

We were moved, as we crossed the Vietnam-China border. It was, after all, the last country we were planning to cross during our cycling trip.

However absurd I felt listenning to Chinese podcasts since Turkey, it finally paid off ! We understood the police question: “Qu NaLi ?” (;where are you going?; OK we could as well have …

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