When all is dust… Riding from Tehran to Mashhad !

“Next Tehran, Mashhad !”

I do not know how many time we said this broken English sentence, but it was coming truer by the hour !



To deserve it, we had 10 days riding on desert roads. Dust desert, sand desert, flat desert, hilly desert… Quite varied ! Some caracterics stood out :

– Not much water (and it …

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North-West of Iran to Tehran: mountains, selfies and apples

Iran, the word offers an exotic vibe, don’t you think ?

A la frontiere Armenie - Iran

At the Armenia/Iran border

After 3km of suffocating under my hijab, I gave up and decided that the helmet covers sufficiently my hair, at least on the bike, between villages… The police controls happen regularly, and they do not seem to mind anyway (they don’t even control my …

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