[PIC] Tajik and Kyrgyz mountains

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Time for a break !

In Osh (Kyrgyzstan), we were rather hesitant about deciding on the next steps, due to two main reasons:

Alex’s knee were completely destroyed, even pedalling on flat ground for 5 minutes was out of the question
Winter was definitely here: many roads were blocked by the snow, from a certain height above sea-level.

For the knees, …

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The Pamir Highway in November, Tadjikistan – part 2: Khorog-Osh


We decided to keep going on the Pamir Highway in spite of the knee and infected finger problems. It was time to leave Khorog and climb on the 4000m high plateau. The weather forecast in Murgab was appealing!

Meteo Murgab, 3600m

Weather forecast of Murgab, 3600m


After 50 km and as it was starting to snow, two Tajiks …

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