[PIC] South-East Asia – Thailand, Laos, Vietnam

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Looping in Northern Thailand

Thailand how-to

Drinking water: tap water is not to to be drunk. However, when eating at street food joints, the locals will happily let you fill your bottles at their tank.
Breakfast for champs: rice + condensed milk + mashed bananas
Showers: available at gas stations
Camp: easy, many fields and flat places. Locals could be surprised …

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Time for a break !

In Osh (Kyrgyzstan), we were rather hesitant about deciding on the next steps, due to two main reasons:

Alex’s knee were completely destroyed, even pedalling on flat ground for 5 minutes was out of the question
Winter was definitely here: many roads were blocked by the snow, from a certain height above sea-level.

For the knees, …

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