Cycling Switzerland

We had just left our friends at the train station, when a Belgium cyclist appeared… Etienne, who had left a few months before us, started from Singapore, heading for Belgium. We were all heading to Lausanne, in Switzerland, so decided to share a cycling week with him. After a few months of barely speaking, we indeed became sociable again !

Route des panoramas, puis freestyle jusque Lausanne

Panorama route, then freestyle until Lausanne


Switzerland met the alpine postcards’ promises, with its green hills, its massive cows, its incredible summits… The cycling paths were once again great, and the Panorama route, which we took then left, fulfilled our wishes in terms of passes and alpine sceneries.

On top of the Furka pass (2436m) with Etienne in Switzerland

On top of the Furka pass (2436m) with Etienne in Switzerland




Etienne was as heavy as a car (though only with the indispensable, like a pannier full of spices 😛 ) but conquered one pass after the other. As for me, I had left my two front panniers, along with my winter gear, to Clément, just to experience light travel. It definitely made the pass easier, allowing to move the bike a it when standing on the pedals.

Encore un col...

Pass, once again…

The pass just after the Furkapass was still closed (mid-June…), so we took the Rhone valley, for a soft arrival in Lausanne.

Vallée du Rhone

Vallée du Rhone

Ride with a Belgian to go see a Québécquois and a French in Switzerland sounded like an ode to the French language ! We left Etienne a bit before Lausanne, with the promise to see each other again, between Lille and Brussels.

We were moved to see Eva et Louis-Charles, Parisian friends with whom we had ridden in Greece, then met again in Istambul. We soon regained our lost kg, eating like King and Queen at their place. Thanks for welcoming us ! 😀

Eva et LC

Eva et LC

La France nous tendait les bras… Direction Thonon, de l’autre coté du lac !

  • Evangeline Pollard

    Hihi, ça nous a fait trop plaisir de vous accueillir! Revenez vite!

  • “…les ours que nous étions devenus…” LOL, j’ai du mal à le croire. Bon retour et à bientôt, j’espère