The Austro-Hungarian bicycle empire

Adrien, despite poor taste in hats and hygiene needs a bit rigid, decided to join us for a week, from Budapest (Hungary) to Liezen (Austria). With 600km in less than 7 days and a pass, he succeded in every step ! He tells us the story of how he lowered his comfort zone with us…

Adrien raconte

Adrien tells the tale…

I wanted to join Sego and Alex to share a part of their formidable journey, so I met them in the beautiful city of Budapest.

We met our Warmshowers host, Pal, in the Pest neighbourhood. While Alex was respoking his wheel (an activity he does every 8 days, according to what I have seen), Sego and I went for a touristic walk in the city. The main interest of Warmshowers is to be able to share local moments with local people: we had a great evening, with Pal and his cycling buddies, that included many beers and few palinkas.

Waking up at 6 the following morning was a bit harsh, but we had a good incentive: Pal and his group escorted us out of the city, heading for the Balaton lake. Spot the intruders 😉 !

The Balaton lake was made very easy with mny cycling paths, so we could gossip all we wanted.

Le Balaton c'est sexy !

Sexy Balaton !

Vignes au bord du lac

Vineyard near the lake

Camping de qualité


The border crossing was very confidential, via a small country road. It allowed nonetheless Alex to a massive fall, due to a muddy passage.

Passage de la frontiere

Border “crossing”

After a nice bivouac under a bridge, to escape the storm, we woke up at 5.30pm for the big ride of this trip. The target was to reach Graz, at 120km, where Mathias, our Warmshowers host, was waiting for us.

Despite the heavy rain and Alex’s frame that had to be welded at the 110th km, we made it easily. The incentive of having a shower AND a roof was great indeed…

Once again...

Once again…

Graz was a nice town, surrounded by mountains. We spent the night with students, and got many cycling advices from Mathias.

Avec Mathias, a Graz

Avec Mathias, a Graz

The rest of Austria consisted in sunny mountains, visible from super cycling paths… Grand !

L'Autriche sous le soleil

Suny Austria



On dirait presque un sportif

The sportsman

We met our friends Clement and Marie in time, for a nice last evening, with Belgium and Hungarian beers. I left the next day for Vienna, ending this nice trip.

Il y a foule en Autriche !

The crew !

To conclude, I spent a great time with Sego and Alex, who did not change a bit, are still nice and fun, have many stories to tell, are great mechanics, have robot legs and take it easy. I loved sharind this bit with you ! 

However, I have to warn the people who would like to do the same against potential risks :

– they now enjoy drinking Fredoccino: a fancy name for nescafe in cold water,
– stale bread and sardine paste can make a meal,
– 10 cl of water can make a shower,
– the cheapest beer is to be bought,
– seeing an Aldi or a tap is the event of the day,
– Sigo, instead of singing her songs, sings : “It’s too late…To apologize” à longueur de journée. It is a shame she only knows the once sentence…

A massive thank you to our favourite cyclists for the hospitality.
A massive thank you to my wife for encouraging me to go.
A massive thank you to Winora for the “Deutsch Qualität” bike.

We would have liked to steal Adrien’s bike, though seeing that we would like to see him again, it could have been socially complicated. Thanks Adri for sharing the ride, we did many km, but always with smiles and lame jokes ! Thanks also for teaching us some German….Grosse danke ?!

HQB: High Quality Bivouac

Allez, tchin tchin ! Thanks for coming and see you soon !

  • Adrien Grlt merci l’auteur et merdi d’etre venu !!

    • Adrien Guérillot

      Un plaisir !! A part qu’à présent mes pantalons me serrent aux cuisses :s
      Merci encore pour votre accueil !

      Un gros bisou du tocé è_é
      PS : je ne retrouve plus mon dérailleur arrière, vous ne sauriez pas où il est ?!?

      • On a également interverti ton moyeu avant avec le mien… :-$

  • Pascaline Mnd

    Il y a des mercis dans tous les sens alors je m’y mets aussi… un grand merci à vous 2 car Adrien est revenu entier, heureux et… avec des grosses cuisses (il l’a déjà dit mais je confirme ! ^^ ) ! Je suis très heureuse de ce qu’il a fait et suis vachement fière de lui 🙂 Cette aventure, je l’ai vécue par procuration mais la prochaine, je suis des vôtres ! Bonne continuation et à bientôt j’espère ! (n’ayez crainte il y a toujours de la bière chez nous donc pas de problème de verre renversé… une “déconvenue” d’après Adrien ! ^^)

    • Salut Pascaline !
      Haha des grosses cuisses moulées dans un cuissard; c’est le comble de la sexyness ! Tu peux etre fiere, Adri était moins fatigué que nous le soir, sacré physique, la prochaine fois on enchainera les cols 😉
      J’espère te revoir bientôt et découvrir les nouveaux pti loups, on tachera de passer à Toulouse à notre retour 🙂

  • cluster

    Ahahah 😀
    Gé-niales ces mises en garde ! C’est tellement ça !!!