Through many trekking and touring bicycle experiences, we have chosen light-weight and versatile equipment.

Travelling for a year does not require much more equipment than when travelling for a week, except for the need to anticipate the different seasons of the countries we will cross.

2012-12-30 Bicycle Friends Calvin and Hobbes

Bicycle equipment

  • Gitane trekking bike for Ségo
  • Peugeot bike from 1983 for Alex
  • 4 Ortlieb panniers per bike (2 rear, 2 front)
  • 1 handlebar Ortlieb pannier for Alex
  • 1 small dry backpack for Sego
  • 1 waterproof backpack fixed at the rear of each bike, to be carried easily when walking
  • Homemade USB charger connected to the front-hub dynamo of Ségo’s bike (thanks for the energy!)
  • Basic tools (multitool, pump, spokes tool, chain tool…)
  • Spare parts (tubes, spokes, wheel axle, cabling pieces, chain pieces, derailleur hanger…)

Bivouac equipment

  • Ferrino Nemesi Tent
  • Down sleeping bags 0 degrees Celsius
  • Sleeping pads
  • A second sleeping bag and sleeping pad each will come as a complement for the very cold parts (Tajik Pamir and Chinese Tibet in automn, winter and spring)
  • Titanium cooking pot
  • Bowls & forks
  • Home made wood & alcool camping stoves
  • Warm & waterproof clothes


  • 2 compact cameras
  • E-book readers
  • Smartphones with a cartography application (Locus)
  • Tablet to update the blog
  • USB pendrive


  • Water purification tablets + LifeStraw
  • First-aid pharmacy kit


  • Hiking shoes
  • Guitalélé (small guitar)
  • Rock-climbing shoes and equipment during the first part of the trip