Cycling Tibet, from Litang to Xining

After two days weaving through superb gorges, we were back on the open-air Tibetan plateau.. The air was so dry that it got difficult to estimate the distances, making straight roads seemingly endless !

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Crossing the tibetan plateau: from Shangri-La to Litang

The Tibet province (where is located Lhassa), as delimited by the People’s Republic of China in 1965, is forbidden for independent travellers. The Tibetan plateau, however, is larger and covers parts of Sichuan, Qingai and Gansu provinces. We crossed Tibet through those provinces, passing by Shangri-La, Litang, Ganzi, Yushu et Xining, for a total distance of 2000 km

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[PIC] South-East Asia – Thailand, Laos, Vietnam

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China, starting with Yunnan

We were moved, as we crossed the Vietnam-China border. It was, after all, the last country we were planning to cross during our cycling trip.

However absurd I felt listenning to Chinese podcasts since Turkey, it finally paid off ! We understood the police question: “Qu NaLi ?” (;where are you going?; OK we could as well have …

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The long and complicated process of ineffective broom manufacturing in Laos

Along Laos roads, we could witness all the steps of an elaborated process, aiming to manufacture brooms, from branch cutting to the final product that is ubiquitous in SE Asia : the ineffective broom !

“Tell us more”, are you asking me ? Weel, let me go into details on this fantastic, time-consuming technique…

1. Browse the area, cut

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Northern Vietnam, just in time for Tet

The Laos – Vietnam border, at Sop Hun / Tay Trang is located on top of a pass: the descent towards Vietnam was very scenic, with limestones hills visible in the background.

Frontiere Laos - Vietnam coté vietnamien

On the Vietnamese side

Dien Bien Phu was the first city we reached. As everywhere in Vietnam, motorbikes are ubiquitous on the roads, but also on sidewalks and …

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“Sabaidee!” Cycling Laos from South to North

If there is one easy word to remember in Laos, it would be “Sabaidee!“, the local “hello”, with a smile on top. It usually follows the shout “Oh! Farang!” after being spotted by a kid, and will be echoed on all the other kids’ mouths throughout the village !

Centre-South of Laos, from Savannakhet to Vientiane

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Looping in Northern Thailand

Thailand how-to

Drinking water: tap water is not to to be drunk. However, when eating at street food joints, the locals will happily let you fill your bottles at their tank.
Breakfast for champs: rice + condensed milk + mashed bananas
Showers: available at gas stations
Camp: easy, many fields and flat places. Locals could be surprised …

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