Tintin velo

Intercultural exchanges constitute, most of all, the trigger of this trip. What matters is not so much the destination as the journey to make it there, and its induced encounters. We want to experiment a simple, human and sportive experience, while leaving a lighter carbon footpring.

Strong of our previous travel experiences, we settled on the best mean of transportation: the bicycle ! Biking allows an ideal speed if you want to ease the human encounters: a smile, a welcoming wave, an invitation to drink tea… In addition, it allows you to plan greater distances than on foot, on the same time window.

We wish to make the most of the opportunity by volunteering in international projects on our way  (via the Orange Foundation and the SCI)

Join us !

We would be thrilled to share our experience with you!

Give us a shout if you would be interested to meet up and :
Bike together for a while
Visit a country, a city
– Why not… Jam together ? 😉

As this kind of trip is on a rolling-wave planning basis, we’ll update the Itinerary page regularly, in order to have the most relevant dates associated with the countries we plan on crossing.