Great thanks to all the project enablers: may it be for their hardware gifts, for hosting us, or simply for their precious advices and moral support…


  • Thanks to Etienne who became our journey companion for a week
  • Thanks to Eva and LC for the hospitality


  • Thanks to Teresa for the Innsbruck insight
  • Thanks to Marie and Clement who joined us for a rainy week


  • Thanks to Pal in Budapest, and for escorting us out of the town with his group
  • Thanks to Mathias in Graz, for the roof and his precious advices
  • Thanks to Adrien for joining us for a big week 🙂


  • Thanks to Andrei for the roof, and the memorable 3-day ride
  • Thanks to Andreea for taking the time to guide us in Bucharest


  • Thanks to Marles and Aida for the awesome time in Bishkek


  • Thanks to Hui Li, in Kun Ming, for the warm welcome and the family dinner
  • Thanks to all the anonymous for their gifts and constant cheers


  • Thanks to Prawn and Chenin for the WOOFFING in Ban Sila


  • Thanks to Nina for the roof, help and stories
  • Thanks to the two farmers for lending us their horse one day (!)


  • Thanks to Vero in Dushanbe for the never-failing hospitality
  • Thanks to all the Pamiri that sheltered us against the cold


  • Thanks to the policeman for the pin gift ! 😮
  • Thanks to all the anonymous for all the melons and watermelons


  • Vahid, Tahe-joon and the Father, for their sweet welcome in Mashhad, and the honour they did to us when they took us to the Holy Shrine.
  • Fatemeh and her husband in Sharhood
  • Natasha, “tough girl”, and the coolest Iranian we met 😀
  • Mustafa and Cobra in Teheran, for the Dizi discovery (omg) and the familial atmosphere
  • Our first Vahid, who invited us in his family home, hence introduced us to Iran hospitality
  • … And everybody who paid for our groceries, gifted us fruits, bread, water…


  • Thanks to the Armenian granpas we met on the side of the road, always willing to throw a cognac tasting, especially in the morning !


  • Andaç for his 5-star welcome in Antalya
  • Thanks to all the annymous for their numerous tea invitations !


  • Yannis for his hospitalıty and fantastic workshop in Elassona


  • Cornelius and Shauna for their wonderful hospitality in Sarajevo, after a disastrous start into the city 😉


  • Tomislav for hosting us near Split


  • Peter and his mum for hosting us in Ljubljana
  • The Kočevje crew for the hot meal, and lifting our spirits up after breaking one of our wheel during Easter Sunday


  • Claudio for hosting us near Venezia, and accompanying us for cicheti
  • Angelitaaa for the warm welcome in Vicenza coutryside
  • Loula and Michele for the Bolognese hospitality
  • Netta, Giacomiiiino and la mamma for the Torinese roof !


  • Jessica and Jaysson for the Briancon crozilflette
  • Arnaud and Cecile for their hopitality at Ornon pass (“the place to be”)
  • Evelyne for hosting us in Grenoble
  • Thanks to Martine and Edmond for the last family meal
  • Charlotte and Régi for hosting us in Lyon
  • Frédéric for hosting us in Dijon
  • Mathieu and Lucie for welcoming us in Sombernon
  • ESC XV climbing team for 2 magnificient cycling shorts, which on top of protecting our precious bottoms, have greatly improved our sex appeal !
  • Greetings to my Orange colleagues, for the extra budget that will be allocated to comfort food, when we get tired of chinese noodles 😉
  • Eirini and Lancelot for the bike lights, as well as for their travel advices regarding Greece and the Balkans area
  • Thanks to the Serrurier family for the cycling shoe covers, enabling feet to be warm and -ultimate luxury- dry.
  • Thanks to Justine and Mathieu for the LifeStraw, which filters unclean water (a picture was promised when drinking from a swamp 😉 )
  • Marion, thanks a bunch for the bike-touring featured bracelet :D, as well as for the split finger gloves (or camel-toe gloves, depending 😉 )